Karnak Seti

Album: Scars of your Decay (2011)

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Song: God's New Scheme

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Emerging from the exotic Madeira Island in Portugal, Karnak Seti present themselves as an exciting melodic death metal band, going against the relaxing atmosphere from the land that saw them born in 2001.
The band has struggled to make an impact during all of these years and managed to release a fair amount of demos until 2005. "Cosmic Fate" was released in 2001, followed by "Karnak Seti" (this one with honours of 1st place in a band contest) and "Collateral Dreams" in 2005. In 2008 the demo "Stranded by Existence" was released. A
Shortly after the release of "Stranded by Existence", the band booked the Ultrasound Studio in Braga, to work with renowned producers Daniel Cardoso and Pedro Mendes. The recording sessions took place in October 2008 and resulted in the new album called "Scars of your Decay". It is by far their most professional work, with a magnificent sound quality, that allows the musicians to express themselves perfectly.
From the beginning, the name of the band raised a lot of curiosity. "Karnak" is a temple from ancient Egypt and "Seti" is the acronym for Search of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. The name was a suggestion from one of the early day's member and it stuck with the band and its fans. In the early days, the topic of the lyrics was extra terrestrial life, but that soon changed to another subject focused on life psychosis and paranoia.
The next step for these guys is to get a record/ distribution deal so that their work can reach more listeners; maybe listeners in places as remote as the island that Karnak Seti are originally from. One can always hope.